In order to accomplish the ultimate goal of smart, clean energy for the world of today, the Mariah project will also assess and evaluate potential and probable impact on the environment.  Environmental impact studies will be conducted both to meet requirements and to contribute to the Mariah project's intent to make the world a better place.  

Scandia Wind Southwest is working closely with state and local agencies both to define areas which need to be studied and to develop study plans to be implemented over the next several years.  Wildlife studies will include pre-construction, construction, and post-construction elements to evaluate impact of the project.  We are also engaging research teams from SWCA Environmental Consultants who will assist in the design and implementation of these studies.


January 2011:
Tres Amigas 99 year lease

February 2010:
RENEWABLE ENERGY: Proposal to link the nation's grid sparks a debate

February 2010:
Scandia Wind Southwest LLC urges a favorable FERC ruling for the Tres Amigas project.

December 2009:
First Public Information Meeting Announced

November 2009:
The Parmerton Rhea, LLC Announces Land Owners Meeting Regarding Leases

September 2009:
A screening study has been carried out by ERCOT for Scandia Wind LLC for interconnection of 1000 MW from the Mariah project.

September 2009:
New transmission grid project will open up for large wind power projects.





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