The Mariah project

The Mariah project takes its name from the song in the musical "Paint Your Wagon." Originally written for a Broadway production, it was the recordings by the Kingston Trio and the movie soundtrack featuring Harve Presnell that made this an American Classic.  Pop artist Mariah Carey is named after this song.

"Way out west, they got a name
For rain and wind and fire
The rain is Tess, the fire's Joe and
They call the wind Mariah."

The project is an ambitious attempt to solve two of the major issues related to wind energy in the Southwest.  First, how can the wind resources in a remote area be captured and used by the population centers hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Second, can wind energy be directed to more than one major market in order to take advantage of supply and demand issues?

The solution suggested in the Mariah project contains two elements:  a large wind farm and a large grid project which includes DC ties between the three national grid areas.  Each of the projects is more likely to succeed if they are combined with the other.  The enormous cost of a large DC tie project could be offset by the revenue and flow from a giant wind farm that takes advantage of high-demand prices.  For example, in the winter the electricity could be sold in the North when heating demands drive up prices.  Then in the summer, the electricity could be directed toward the South where cooling needs become the dominant market force.  DC ties between grid areas would allow the generation supply to be directed wherever the demand would support the highest prices.

Mariah 1, Mariah 2, and Mariah 3 together comprise over 200,000 acres.  Initial micro siting indicates that approximately 3000 MW could easily be placed in these areas.  Mariah 1 is an area just north of the city of Bovina, extending about 8 miles north, 9 miles west, and 8 miles east of the city.  Mariah 2 extends the same east and west boundaries all the way to the northern end of Parmer county.  Mariah 3 extends the same east and west boundaries south to FM 3333.  

In order to reach the goal of 5000 MW Scandia Wind Southwest will need to expand beyond the current boundaries of Mariah 1, 2 and 3.  Possibilities include expansion into neighboring counties, further expansion in Parmer county, and expansion into New Mexico. Each of these possibilities are being explored and evaluated at this time.

When completed, the Mariah project will include a total of 5000 MW in the Panhandle of Texas. Sites to contain the additional 2000 MW are currently under evaluation.

View the video to learn about Scandia Wind Southwest's Mariah Project.

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January 2011:
Tres Amigas 99 year lease

February 2010:
RENEWABLE ENERGY: Proposal to link the nation's grid sparks a debate

February 2010:
Scandia Wind Southwest LLC urges a favorable FERC ruling for the Tres Amigas project.

December 2009:
First Public Information Meeting Announced

November 2009:
The Parmerton Rhea, LLC Announces Land Owners Meeting Regarding Leases

September 2009:
A screening study has been carried out by ERCOT for Scandia Wind LLC for interconnection of 1000 MW from the Mariah project.

September 2009:
New transmission grid project will open up for large wind power projects.




Mariah Project video