Wind Measurements

Project Mariah is located in the north western part of Texas

The Mariah Project

Mariah Project graphic

The landscape is open and flat farmland with very few and gentle slopes and hills as can be seen above.

Available wind data
The wind resource in the area can be estimated from several open sources:

3 Tier provides an estimate of 6.8-8.9 m/s for the area with an 80 m hub height. This is compared to other areas a fairly narrow band estimate and points to approximately 7.8 m/s wind resource. The available open source measurements in Texas are shown below. AEI has published and maintains this list of data. The most interesting measurement site is the 100 m tower in Mariah Mast within the project area.

Site Measurement
In order establish the wind resource accurate enough towards a final bankable production estimate for project Mariah, new measurements have been performed. Once a final layout of the wind farm is available, analysis needs to be completed to ensure that the initial measurements implemented, are sufficient. Further measurements may be identified.

Scandia Wind has measured wind in and around the project area for several years.
Three existing towers within the project area in Parmer County have been used for installation of measurement equipment. The towers are known as the Bovina tower, the KJIN (radio tower) and Slagle #1. In Sherman and Dallam counties Scandia Wind has measured wind on a tower near Texhoma and another tower near Dumas.

The installation of equipment is performed in accordance with industry standards (IEC 61400-12-1) and documented in accordance with standard AWE procedure.

Most masts have provided data from 90-100 meter height but one mast in Parmer county has provided data from 140 meter.

The measurement has proven that the wind speeds are excellent and very suitable for wind energy developments.

Jens Wiring BoomJens setting booms

Jens Petersen, Alpha Wind Energy, rigging a wind data Boom to Mast for Mariah Project between Bovina and Friona Texas June 12, 2009.


AWE wishes to acknowledge Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) of West Texas A&M University for the effort AEI puts into promoting wind energy in Texas. The data available from AEI on wind resource in Texas has been a very good starting point for AWE into the Panhandle area. The Mariah Mast 1 installed and maintained by AEI provided specific very good insight into the Parmer area and was a contributing factor for AWE to decide to pursue Parmer County.


January 2011:
Tres Amigas 99 year lease

February 2010:
RENEWABLE ENERGY: Proposal to link the nation's grid sparks a debate

February 2010:
Scandia Wind Southwest LLC urges a favorable FERC ruling for the Tres Amigas project.

December 2009:
First Public Information Meeting Announced

November 2009:
The Parmerton Rhea, LLC Announces Land Owners Meeting Regarding Leases

September 2009:
A screening study has been carried out by ERCOT for Scandia Wind LLC for interconnection of 1000 MW from the Mariah project.

September 2009:
New transmission grid project will open up for large wind power projects.




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